B2C Event Ticketing Widget

Managed product analysis and redesign.

This project was a re-design for a front end widget that integrates into a vendor's website. It offered a way for that vendor to display their events on their website, organize ticketing via a calendar system, and process payment transactions for that vendor.

The reasons for the redesign were to increase conversion best practices and visual modernization as it was never designed with conversions in mind.

Post-Mortem Project Analysis

Post-Mortem Project Analysis

I began this project by investigating the current version of the integration widget to understand how vendors were using it's features. The user profiles were varied in terms of services offered, size of events, and participation costs. Most importantly was the actual integration. Some of the businesses have actual web pages and some have Facebook as their method of sales and marketing.

It was evident that users had no concept of SEO, UX/UI, or conversion best practices, so it was up to me to build them a system that helped increase their sales.



I took my research and began building necessary components for the wireframes, such as a calendar functions, images, list structures, text fields, as well as different content states and viewport sizes.

During this phase I built interactive wireframes using InVision to test out logic flows and and look for anomalies.

Tablet P-2.png
Design Comps

Design Comps

From here I built out design comps to get ideas of how the wireframes would look with a full ready to go design. At this point management made decisions on the general looks and we sent them to graphic artists to finish out the screen designs, based on these comps and finalized wireframes.

* Due to NDA requirements I can not show more than these screens.